Soul Winning Ministries was started because as believers we place so much value on the building “the Church”.

So often it is referred to as “Our Church or Our Home or Our Building” The disciples did not build a structure small or “mega sized” No they went out and took the message to the people.

Soon tents, then structures began as people gathered to hear the message, to be fed, to be in fellowship.

But first the message was brought TO THEM.

Street corner evangelizing. Crossing that imaginary line we call our property line, the fence between you and your neighbor. Living and speaking in a Christ like manner. Not hiding our light, our faith, as if it was some secret meant only for us. Or only spoken about on Sundays at “Our Church in Our Building.”

Our Christian religion is an action religion.

Jesus was sent, He walked, He talked, He taught, He healed, He knelt, He prayed, He suffered, He died, He conquered death, He rose again, He sits at the right hand of the Father, and He is coming again to rule and reign forever.

All actions. Our faith is an action religion and we must be busy doing the Lord’s will.