I am going to lay out some harsh truths in this questionaire. I am addressing this because I so want you the reader to understand and to be aware. I am not asking these questions to be mean or spiteful, I just want you to be honest with yourself for just a few minutes. So . . .

The Question is this;

If you were to die tonight, would you go to heaven or hell?

Maybe you would answer, that you don’t believe in hell.

You can say you don’t believe in gravity, but climb up on the roof and jump off. You will discover something you don’t believe exists. Just because you deny something, doesn’t diminish it’s existence.

Perhaps you answered that you are a good person who tries to do your best, maybe you give to charity or try to help an elderly neighbor. So you feel you will probably go to heaven. Certainly not hell, you’ve never been that evil. Not like Hitler, a child abuser or a school shooter.

Accepting for the moment that you are a good person, certainly you can then answer some simple questions HONESTLY.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

Have you ever told a lie?

A whopper like you were an astronaut that walked on the moon, or dated a movie star or a small white lie like calling in sick when you wanted to sleep in or telling a friend you would meet them and then cancelling when you knew all along you weren’t going.

If you have done something like this you would have to say that you are a liar.

Be honest now, you said you were a good person.

Have you ever stolen something?

Maybe you robbed a bank or just came in five minutes late but ‘clocked in’ on time, stealing five minutes from your boss. Did you take an extra donut from the box, leaving the last guy in line out of luck, something this simple is theft.

They call people who do this thieves, it is all stealing.

Be honest now, you said you were a good person.

Have you ever looked at someone with the thought of what it would be like to have sex with them?

Have you ever hated someone so much that you wished them harm or death?

Have you ever cussed, used the foulest of language?

Any or all of the above make you a. . . ?

Be honest now, you said you were a good person.

But it seems that you aren’t so good in fact you are a . . .

Liar, thief, adulterer, murderer with a foul mouth.

With that in mind, do you still think you are a good person who would go to heaven if you died tonight?

If you were to stand before a judge, would you say to the judge that you promised to never do these things again?

Would you expect a good judge to let you go?

No, a good judge would find you guilty and fine or sentence you.

What if someone were to stand up and say that they had paid your fine, paid the price for you?

The good judge would have to let you go free.

But if you decide you don’t want someone to pay the price, the fine, the penalty for you and your deeds it will come down to you and only you facing the penalty, the sentence handed down by the judge.

Someday, after you die you will have to appear before The Judge, the One true living God, who is pure and Holy. His laws are upheld with the exacting punishment that a law breaker like you, me and everyone deserves.

Will you be able to say you will never do these things again?

Of course you will, because there will be no second chances at life. Man only lives once, then judgement day.

You can say you don’t believe in heaven or hell, but when you reach judgement day you will discover they are real. You are risking it all by denying it.

You may say you have been to church and all those people are hypocrites. I am not talking about church here, I am talking about you and whether or not on Judgement Day you will have an advocate, Jesus Christ, on your side or will you deny Him?

You may say you attend church or give to the poor. You may even say you give to the church.

The Bible says that salvation is a free gift.

When was the last time you got a gift that you had to pay for it?

Be honest now, you said you were a good person.

Never, you don’t pay someone to give you a free gift.

You also don’t have to work for that free gift. It wouldn’t be free then, would it?

So don’t try to justify going to church, being a good person or giving to a religion as your way into heaven, it isn’t.

I am saying this as bluntly and as straight forward as I can. Not wanting to offend, but wanting to make you sit up and take notice of sin and hell, salvation and heaven. Eternal damnation vs. eternal life. Think about it, ponder the consequences, wonder at the gift that was offered for you to accept or reject.

The Bible says the gift of God is eternal life. Not eternal death and damnation. His gift to all who will accept it is His son Jesus Christ, our advocate on Judgement Day, the One who paid the price for our sin, our breaking of the law. Not mans law, God’s law. His perfect law by which ALL will be judged.

You can allow the WORD of GOD to change your life, or you can try to find loopholes in it so you don’t have to.

Remember, if you were being honest you admitted to being a foul mouthed liar, thief, adulterer in your heart for lusting after another, looking upon someone with lust and desire, a murderer at heart for hating someone. ALL are against God’s law. Just part of the Ten Commandments. Ten rules to live by that all of us have failed at. The only way we can redeem ourselves is by accepting our free gift by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior.

This free gift of salvation doesn’t just apply to those who think themselves to be a good person.

If you consider yourself a horrible person, evil, of no value or desperate it does not matter, Christ is willing to be your advocate also. It is not a matter of degree as to how bad or good someone thinks they are. Acceptance of Christ is available to all who ask. God’s desire is that NO ONE should perish. God makes His free gift available to ALL.

I know that satan will do his best to make sin and law breaking seem less offensive, heaven less appealing, hell less horrific and the Gospel less urgent. But then you will be the one who has to answer for what you did, only you.

You may make excuses and say that at least you will party with your friends in hell. WAKE UP. Hell isn’t a party, it is real. Pain, suffering, darkness, torment all await you and more. You will be reminded constantly that you heard about the free gift of salvation and eternal life and you rejected it.

Eternity is a long time. If you live for 80 years, the average age for an American, consider this, George Washington has been dead for more than 200 years, more than twice as long as you will live. Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor has been dead for over two thousand years, or ten times longer than President Washington.

Eternity is much much longer, it is without end.

Hell will seem even longer. Don’t fall for satan’s greatest lie; “that you have plenty of time to get right with God.” You may not live to be 80. You may not see the end of your life coming, you may not even have a moments notice before you take your last breath and then stand before the Judge,

Heaven is available for those who believe and as horrible and indescribable as hell is, heaven is exactly the opposite. Wonderful, perfect and words can’t begin to describe it. The choice is yours.

What if you don’t live a long life until you are 80?

What if you die tonight?

Would you go to heaven or hell?

How can you know which is your eternal destiny?

How simple and straight forward is it to receive your free gift?

If you have felt some conviction, that this message is speaking to you, speaking about you, Please read The Answer page on this website.

Or go to www.z1rtc.com a copy of The Answer is posted there also.

It is the aim of this website that you read the Word and come to an understanding that all of us need the One true and living God. This can only happen through your faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

150,000 people die every day and go on to judgement.

Please re-read the information you have in front of you. Please take the time to consider the facts.

It is our plea that you come to know Christ.

Life is a struggle. Yes, whether a believer or a non-believer we all have struggles but in the end, on Judgement Day the reward will be great if you believe. The punishment is horrifying beyond imagination if you don’t believe.

If you have read this web page you need to know that someone somewhere is praying for you, not knowing you or your situation. But God who hears your prayers knows and is willing to accept you for who you are, if you will just come to Him through Christ His Son. Then you will be saved by the grace of God.

Used with permission from: z1rtc.comOne Road To Christ